What is it About Yorkies? – Dr Harry Jay

2 Apr

Started – 28/3/13

Finished – 30/3/13

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – Dog Training Yorkies – What Is It About Yorkies is about how to potty train a yorkie and training your yorkie puppy. The dog training methods are not different than others but there are some unique dog training tips regarding Yorkies you need to know. So this book offers you the complete Yorkie information. For those of you that follow my writing, my subject matter is usually of a more serious nature. Every once in a while I like to write about a subject that isn’t so serious and my dog is one such subject. But I must add, I usually end of writing about some behavioral science traits that are applicable to the subject matter (I can’t help it; it’s a living.). My dog is a Yorkie and his name is Gage. He weighs all of about 7-pounds and he thinks he is a guard dog. For his size, he literally is not afraid of anything (I live in Southern Utah and watched Gage charge a full grown 14-point stag deer that had to weight about 800 lbs.). He makes me laugh (and cry sometimes) and he has more idiosyncrasies than a manic person or as I like to say, “He has issues!”…


My Thoughts – I downloaded this book last year when it was free for a day on the kindle. I have a little yorkshire terrier cross bred dog who at best could be described as challenging but i love him all the same.


This book is very short only 33 pages according to Amazon so it is quite hard to write some thoughts down on it. It is basically a man writing down his thoughts on his dog that he loves very much.


I enjoyed this book very much as i could relate to it and i did wish it could be longer so i could enjoy more of his thoughts about his dog.


Rating – 3/5


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