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The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank * Reading Challenge Recap *

15 Feb


Challenges – #6/672 Ultimate Book Guide, #10/691 Ultimate Teen Book Guide, #10/782 Ultimate Teen Book Guide 2nd Edition.

Synopsis -First published over sixty years ago, Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl has reached millions of young people throughout the world.

In July 1942, thirteen-year-old Anne Frank and her family, fleeing the occupation, went into hiding in an Amsterdam warehouse. Over the next two years Anne vividly describes in her diary the frustrations of living in such close quarters, and her thoughts, feelings and longings as she grows up. Her diary ends abruptly when, in August 1944, they were all betrayed.

My Thoughts – I first came across this book in Primary School when it was introduced to us by a class teacher. My mum then brought me the book after hearing me talk about it and I honestly believe that its a book that everyone should have read. It is such a haunting book especially the abrupt ending and it really tells the story of what it was like to be Jewish through the eyes of a child. Her innocence but at the same time the horrors to what she is subjected too will never leave me. I’m pretty sure this book is one of the reasons that I am so interested in the second world war.

Recommendations – Ultimate Book Guide – Zlatas Diary – Zlata Filipovic, Maus – Art Spiegelman (Challenge Book), The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – John Boyne.

There is also a section entitled – Books that make you sad – but happy too.

  • Goodnight Mr Tom – Michelle Magorian
  • Charlottes Web – E. B. White
  • Journey to Jo’Burg – Beverley Naidoo
  • The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • Up on Cloud Nine – Anne Fine
  • The Snow Goose – Paul Gallico
  • The Iron Man – Ted Hughes
  • Becky Bananas – Jean Ure
  • A Little Princess – Frances Hodgeson Burnett
  • The Snowman – Raymond Briggs

Ultimate Teen Book Guide – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – John Boyne (Challenge Book), When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit – Judith Kerr, Surviving Hitler – Andrea Warren, Number the Stars – Lois Lowry, Hitler Youth – Susan Campbell Bartoletti (Challenge book).

Ultimate Teen Book Guide 2nd Edition – Surviving Hitler – Andrea Warren, Hitlers Canary – Sandi toksvig, Saving Rafael – Leslie Wilson, The Story of my Life – Helen Keller.

The Day of the Triffids – John Wydham * Reading Challenge Recap *

14 Feb


Challenges – Ultimate Book Guide #5/672, Ultimate Teen Book Guide #8/691, Ultimate Teen Book Guide 2nd Edition #8/782

My original review can be found HERE

Synopsis – When a freak cosmic event renders most of the Earth’s population blind, Bill Masen is one of the lucky few to retain his sight. The London he walks is crammed with groups of men and women needing help, some ready to prey on those who can still see. But another menace stalks blind and sighted alike. With nobody to stop their spread the Triffids, mobile plants with lethal stingers and carnivorous appetites, seem set to take control.

My Thoughts – I read this back in 2011 and it was one of the first dystopian books that I read. Although I don’t remember too much about it since it was so long ago I do remember that I enjoyed it. If you are interested in what I thought back then I’ve added a link above.

Rating – I rated this 4/5

Recommendations – Ultimate Book Guide – Chocky – John Wyndham, The midwich Cuckoos – John Wyndham, Z for Zachariah – Robert C. O’Brian, Why Weeps the Brogan? – Hugh Scott (Challenge Book), Enders Game – Orson Scott Card.

Ultimate Teen Book Guide – The Kraken Wakes – John Wyndham, The War of the Worlds – H. G. Wells (Challenge Book), Hatchet – Gary Paulsen (Challenge Book), Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton (Challenge Book)

Ultimate Teen Book Guide 2nd Edition – The Kraken Wakes – John Wyndham, The War of the Worlds – H. G. Wells (Challenge Book), The Death of Grass – John Christopher, I Am Legend – Richard Matheson (Challenge Book), Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton (Challenge Book)

The Keeper of Lost Things – Ruth Hogan Book Review

13 Feb


Format – Audiobook

Synopsis – Meet the Keeper of Lost Things….

Once a celebrated author of short stories now in his twilight years, Anthony Peardew has spent half his life collecting lost objects, trying to atone for a promise broken many years before.

Realising he is running out of time, he leaves his house and all its lost treasures to his assistant Laura, the one person he can trust to fulfil his legacy and reunite the thousands of objects with their rightful owners.

But the final wishes of the Keeper of Lost Things have unforeseen repercussions which trigger a most serendipitous series of encounters….

My Thoughts – I downloaded this from audible as it was on a 2 for 1 offer but it’s also a book that I’ve wanted to read for a while. This book has two different plot lines running, the first being Anthony Peardew and Laura and the other is Bomber and Eunice. Anthony becomes ‘The Keeper of Lost Things’ when his wife to be suddenly dies and many years later Laura becomes his housekeeper. When he dies we are introduced to the character of Sunshine, a young lady with Downs Syndrome, and I have to say that if everyone had Sunshine in their lives the world would be a much better place. This plot of the book was really good and had me hooked right to the end – what does happen with all the things tha are lost?

The second plot line to this book is Bomber and his assistant Eunice. This was a lovely little sub plot – woven so tightly with the other story but at the same time just not close enough to see where the two would link. It took til right at the end for it all to become apparent.

This was an amazing story – one that I would highly recommend that everyone read!

Rating – 5/5

The Last Thing She Told Me – Linda Green Book Review

11 Feb


Format – Audiobook

SynopsisEven the deepest buried secrets can find their way to the surface…

Moments before she dies, Nicola’s grandmother Betty whispers to her that there are babies at the bottom of the garden.

Nicola’s mother claims she was talking nonsense. However, when Nicola’s daughter finds a bone while playing in Betty’s garden, it’s clear that something sinister has taken place.

But will unearthing painful family secrets end up tearing Nicola’s family apart?

My Thoughts – I downloaded this on audible a little while back as it sounded like a really good thriller! This book is about 4 generations of the same family and how things that happened to one have shaped the lives of the others. It was a really fantastic book with such a good plot that I think I might go back and listen to it all again as know I know what happened I will probably enjoy it even more.

It took me a while to understand the narration in the book but once I had it figured out then I really enjoyed it. I’m not sure if I have read anything else by the author previously but I’ll definitely be reading more. It was fantastic and really had me hooked!

A great recommended read.

Rating – 4.5/5

January 2019 – Reading Wrap Up

7 Feb


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January was a really good bookish month for me – for the first time in a long time I’m ahead on my goodreads challenge – 2 books in fact! I managed to read and listen to 7 books which is a really good start to the year for me!

Books read.

1)The Forth Friend – Joy Ellis – This is a continuation in the Jackman and Evans series and it was really good!

2)Does my Bum look Big in This? Arabella Weir – I didnt enjoy this book too much but its another off the reading challenge list!

3)Bring Me Back – B A Paris – A really good thriller with a good twist.7

4)3096 Days – Natascha Kampush. A really harrowing memoir.

5)The Language of Kindness – a Nurses Story – Christie Watson. A memoir of a career in nursing – so many emotions to this book.

6)The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks – A brilliant love story that I read all in one sitting.

7)The Last Thing she Told Me – Linda Green – This was fantastic! I really enjoyed this one!

Currently reading

In book form I’m currently reading Never Go Back by Robert Goddard – its a thriller that I’m not too far into just yet – its got the promise to be really good however I’m hoping that it is.

I’m currently listening to The Keeper of the Lost Things by Ruth Hogan – This is such a charming story and I’m really enjoying it!

Other Posts

I only posted on other post this month – The Da Vinci Code reading wrap up!

Books Brought

I brought 6 books this month – 3 audio and 3 tree books.

  • Cuckoo – Julia Crouch
  • The Language of Kindness – Christie Watson
  • Theres A Boy in the Girls Bathroom – Louis Sacher
  • The Borders – Alistar Moffatt
  • The Keeper of Lost Things – Ruth Hogan
  • The House We Grew Up In – Lisa Jewell


February 2018 Goals

6 Feb

So these are my goals for February – although its a pretty short month I’m hoping I can acheieve some stuff!

Reading Goals

Listen to at least 3 audio books.
Read at least 3 books.
Update TBR on Blog.
Update TBR book.
Sort through books from Mums house – not yet started.

Blog Goals

Finish Reading Challenge Recaps (there is about 20 to write!)
Write up the genre pages in the reading challenges

Money Goals

Pay off at least £50 of CC1 (Remaining balance £73.49)
Contact Hughes ref iPad
Have 20 new listings on eBay
Look into electric contract

House Goals

List DD clothes on Ebay
Organise playroom
Sort through book boxes for playroom
Sort through cupboard in spare room

Life Goals

Revise for Unit 1
Book Exam for Unit 1

January 2019 – Goal Wrap up

5 Feb

For me January actually went past quite quickly! I did actually manage to acheieve some of my goals too which is pretty good!

Reading Goals

Listen to at least 3 audio books – Done!
Read at least 3 books – Done!
Update TBR on Blog
Update TBR book – I’m about a third of the way through this!
Sort through books from Mums house – not yet started!

Blog Goals

Finish Reading Challenge Recaps (there is about 20 to write!) I did write another 10 or so when I had the time but still more to do!
Write up the genre pages in the reading challenges
Make blog more streamlined
Design Graphics for blog
Look into social media for blog – Pinintrest and twitter
Use Instagram more

Money Goals

Pay off at least £50 of CC1 (Remaining balance £132.60) I mananged to pay off £61.28. I really want to pay the rest off this month as I’m so close to getting one paid off!
Stop using credit cards for silly purchases. – Done!
Contact Hughes ref iPad
Have 20 new listings on eBay – I managed 1 😦

House Goals

Finish listing DS clothes on Ebay that are outgrown – Done!
Sort through DD clothes and list on Ebay that are outgrown – The Sorting is done – now the listing begins!
Organise playroom
Organise DS bedroom – Done!

Life Goals

Complete Unit 1 of accountancy – Done – I’m revising hard for the exam now
Book Exam for Unit 1


So actually some pretty good progress this month on my goals!