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2012 Genre Challenge

14 Dec

Kell over at Diary of a Domestic Goddess is hosting the 2012 Genre Challenge. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while, but have only just got around to doing it!

Basically the idea of the challenge is to read different genres throughout the year. The challenge has three different levels, Mini, Midi and Maxi.

The genres are as follows

  1. Historical Fiction (Pre-WWII)
  2. Romance / Erotica
  3. Horror / Thriller
  4. Crime Fiction / Mystery
  5. Fantasy / Urban Fantasy
  6. Science Fiction / Steampunk
  7. Classic (pre-WWI)
  8. Modern Classic (post WWI to 1980s)
  9. War
  10. Supernatural / Paranormal
  11. Autobiography /Biography / Memoir
  12. Newly Published in 2012
  13. Children’s / Young Adult
  14. Comedy / Satire
  15. Action / Adventure
  16. Graphic / Illustrated Novel
  17. Saga
  18. Speculative Fiction
  19. Mash-Up
  20. Western

I havent yet picked the genres that I’m going to use, but I’ll be signing up for the Maxi challenge, which is to pick one genre and then read at least one book for that month.

Sounds like so much fun 🙂

The Elecectic Reader Challenge 2012

12 Dec


So, I’ve decided to sign up for this reading challenge. Here is the challenge page for wanting to give it a go, click here.

The idea of this challenge is to read books out of your comfort zone, in the following genres.

  1. Literary Fiction
  2. Crime/Mystery Fiction
  3. Romantic Fiction
  4. Historical Fiction
  5. Young Adult
  6. Fantasy
  7. Science Fiction
  8. Non Fiction
  9. Horror
  10. Thriller /Suspense
  11. Classic
  12. Your favourite genre.

This challenge sounds like a lot of fun to me 🙂