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What is it About Yorkies? – Dr Harry Jay

2 Apr

Started – 28/3/13

Finished – 30/3/13

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – Dog Training Yorkies – What Is It About Yorkies is about how to potty train a yorkie and training your yorkie puppy. The dog training methods are not different than others but there are some unique dog training tips regarding Yorkies you need to know. So this book offers you the complete Yorkie information. For those of you that follow my writing, my subject matter is usually of a more serious nature. Every once in a while I like to write about a subject that isn’t so serious and my dog is one such subject. But I must add, I usually end of writing about some behavioral science traits that are applicable to the subject matter (I can’t help it; it’s a living.). My dog is a Yorkie and his name is Gage. He weighs all of about 7-pounds and he thinks he is a guard dog. For his size, he literally is not afraid of anything (I live in Southern Utah and watched Gage charge a full grown 14-point stag deer that had to weight about 800 lbs.). He makes me laugh (and cry sometimes) and he has more idiosyncrasies than a manic person or as I like to say, “He has issues!”…


My Thoughts – I downloaded this book last year when it was free for a day on the kindle. I have a little yorkshire terrier cross bred dog who at best could be described as challenging but i love him all the same.


This book is very short only 33 pages according to Amazon so it is quite hard to write some thoughts down on it. It is basically a man writing down his thoughts on his dog that he loves very much.


I enjoyed this book very much as i could relate to it and i did wish it could be longer so i could enjoy more of his thoughts about his dog.


Rating – 3/5


Ground Truth – Patrick Bishop

28 Mar

Started – 16/3/13

Finished – 28/3/13

Format – Paperback Book


Synopsis –  Afghanistan, 2008. After their eighteen-month epic tour of Helmand Province, the troops of 3 Para are back. This time, the weight of experience weighs heavily on their shoulders.

In April 2006 the elite 3 Para Battle Group was despatched to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, on a tour that has become a legend. All that summer the Paras were subjected to relentless Taliban attacks in one of the most gruelling campaigns fought by British troops in modern times.


Two years later the Paras are back in the pounding heat of the Afghanistan front lines. The conflict has changed. The enemy has been forced to adopt new weaponry and tactics. But how much progress are we really making in the war against the insurgents? And is there an end in sight?


In this searing account of 3 Para’s return, bestselling author Patrick Bishop combines gripping, first-person accounts of front-line action with an unflinching look at the hard realities of our involvement in Afghanistan. Writing from a position of exclusive access alongside the Paras, he reveals the ‘ground truth’ of the mission our soldiers have been given. It’s a sombre picture. But shining out from it are stories of courage, comradeship and humour, as well as a gripping account of an
epic humanitarian operation through Taliban-infested country to deliver a vitally needed turbine to the Kajaki Dam.


My Thoughts – I have read a couple of this authors books before, Fighter Boys and 3 Para and really enjoyed them so when i saw this book i thought i would give it a go. This book follows on from 3 Para which i loved so i was hoping this book was as good.


It tells the story of 3 Para Battle Group who are deployed to Afghanistan during the war. Although most of the heavy fighting is over with they still have a duty to flush out the Taliban and protect the people of Afghanistan while fighting against the newest weapons against them, IEDs.


I thought the writing of this book was really good. Although the war in Afghanistan is sometimes in the news mostly when a young serviceman or woman is killed you dont tend to think about the fighting going on on a day to day basis. I have had friends who are in the RAF and Army go out there and they say of the horrors that are out there and it always upsets me to think of all the people that are loosing there lives out there. In this book people are unfortunatly killed and as this is a true account its sometimes hard to realise that these are real people and the young people that were killed were under the age of 25-30.


There are lots of technical aspects to this book like the weapons systems and the living conditions and to people that are interested in this sort of thing i think they would find it enjoyable.


I did enjoy this book and although it made me cry i think that it is a very good book that brings home the harsh reality of war.


Rating – 3.5/5

Mom You Just Broke Facebook – Jay Rivera

9 Oct

Started – 6/10/12

Finished – 8/10/12

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – From the funny to the downright bizarre, we have trawled the internet for the funniest quips, quotes, comments, status updates and putdowns… all for your pleasure. Volume 1 contains over 80 updates that will have you in stitches. Almost all spelling errors have been left in to shame the guilty (especially where that’s the joke). Enjoy!


My Thoughts – I downloaded this book because it was free for a day on the kindle and i thought that it could be a funny book to read.


I havent really got too much to say on this book as i really didnt enjoy it very much. This is a book full of facebook quotes that in certain circumstances could be funny. I think if it was actual screenshots of facebook quotes that it could have been funnier but i found it quite difficult to get into and to understand.


I did think that some of the quotes had been made up too as i didnt find it all too funny or realistic at all.


This book has a lot of two star reviews on goodreads and maybe i should have read these first.


Rating – 2/5

Customers Say The Stupidest Things – Adam

25 Jul

Started – 14/7/12

Finished – 14/7/12

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – I have only worked in a shop for about three years now, but I have heard some of the weirdest things in my time there.

For clarity, the shop I work in sells newspapers, magazines, books and stationary and is on a high street in England. For privacy and legal reasons, I will not reveal the name of the company I work for, and I won’t reveal my full name.

My first name is Adam, and I’m happy to help…

Customer: “Do you sell sandwiches?”
Me: “No, sorry.”
Customer: “Yeah you do.”
Me: “I’m sorry, we don’t. You must have us confused with another branch. Some of them do have cafes.”
Customer: “Well, I’m not moving ‘till I get a sandwich. I want a sandwich”

My Thoughts – I downloaded this book as i used to work in retail and to be honest some of the questions that people used to ask me used to make me question humanity at times! Also, the attitude of some customers (not all) was also quite bad. I thought that this book would have been funny and also id be able to relate to the quotes.


This book is a very short book of quotes. When i downloaded it i should have paid more attention to the reviews on amazon, as its only rated one star. To be honest i agree with those reviews. it was not funny in the slightest, at times it was silly and i just didnt feel like it was a good book at all. the font was also really big for a kindle book, which kind of padded it out more than it needed too.


The only good thing for me about this book was its only about 50 pages long and i read it in one sitting. i do feel quite sad about this book as i really thought it had the promise to be really good, but unfortunatly it just wasnt.

Rating – 1/5

I Know You Got Soul – Clarkson

5 Jul

Started – 26/6/12

Finished 27/6/12

Format – Paperback Book


Synopsis – It will come as no surprise to anyone that Jeremy Clarkson loves machines.But it’s not just any old bucket of bolts, cogs and bearings that puts that rings his bell. In fact, he’s scoured the length and and breadth of the land, plunged into oceans and taken to the skies in search of those rare machines with that elusive certain something. And along the way he’s discovered:

 * The safest place to be in the event of nuclear war

* Who would win if Superman, James Bond and The Terminator had a fight

* The stupidest person he’s ever met

* What an old Cornish institution called Arthur has to do with 0898 chat lines

* And how Jean Claude Van Damme might get eaten by a lion …

In I Know You Got Soul, Jeremy Clarkson tells the stories of the geniuses, innovators and crackpots who put the ghost in the machine. From Brunel’s SS Great Britain to the Spitfire and from the woeful – but inspiring – Graf Zeppelin to Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, they were built by people who love them – and we can’t help but love them in return.

My Thoughts – I really enjoy watching the TV show Topgear, and the author, Jeremy Clarkson is a presenter on that show. He is very funny, and at times controversial but all in all i really enjoy watching him. I’ve had this book on my shelf since 2010, when i borrowed it from my mum and have only now got around to reading it.

In this book Clarkson talks about his favourite machines of all time. Planes, cars, boats, space crafts and all others are covered in this book. I found it really fascinating to read about some of these machines as i didnt really know all that much information about them. Clarkson goes into detail about their history and also his general opinions on them. I didnt know, for example that he was on the last ever flight of the plane Concorde.

I also liked the pictures that accompanied the text. They were in three sections so you did have to keep referring back and forth, but it was nice to have some visuals to go with the text. A couple of the photos were iconic, like the photo of the Concorde on fire before it crashed.

basically the idea of this book was Clarkson was talking about the machines that he thinks have soul, hence the title. The only little downside to this book is that its just his opinions and obviously some people might think differently to him. However, the book was as funny and as witty as he comes across on screen. I could even imagine him saying the words as i was reading them.

My favourite part of the book was when he spoke about the Spitfire. I really enjoyed this part as i am quite obsessed with the spitfire and it was nice to read about its history.

This is a very good book for all the Clarkson fans, and all those that have interests in all types of machinery.

Rating – 3.5/5

The Virgin Student – Virgin Student

26 Jun

Started – 10/6/12

Finished – 10/6/12

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – “I’m a 21-year-old girl at Oxford University and I’ve just finished studying for my BA. Now I have one last mission to complete before I leave university – to lose my virginity.”

The tale of the Virgin Student became internationally renowned after an anonymous student advertised her virginity on the internet and then blogged her progress.

For nineteen days, her blog attracted attention from suitors, well-wishers, mortal enemies and the national press, until the story reached its climactic end, and Virgin Student vanished.

Available as a book for the first time, “The Virgin Student” includes all the charm of the original blog, re-worked and combined with previously unseen content.

My Thoughts – I downloaded this book as i thought that it would be a good book to read. This is a book made up of blog posts, a real blog about a girl who decided that she would loose her virginity by the end of her time at university. An easy feat you might think, but she only gave herself a matter of weeks into which to do it.

How did she find different men to go on dates with? Well she blogged about it and met people that she had met through the blog and also on dating sites. Now for me this i think is brave, as i wouldnt have had the confidence to date people over the internet, but thats down to personal preferance. I really enjoyed her really funny posts about the dates she went on and the people that she met.

It was a very short book, but at the same time it wasnt too short. As it was a book made up of exerpts i dont think it needed to be any longer. Also, its not an explict book. Sure there are sexual parts to the story as you would expect with a book like this, but not overly so.

I also enjoyed how hard she tried to keep her indentity under wraps and how the blog took over her life. This is something that i can identify with, because sometimes it feels like my blog takes over sometimes.

I enjoyed this book, but its not something that i would read again.

Rating – 3/5

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom by Tamara Hancock

28 Mar

Started – 23/3/12

Finished – 24/3/12

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – I have five children and a full-time work at home job. When most people hear this, they stand with their eyes wide open and their jaws on the floor.
Being a Stay At Home Mom is work, whether you have a “job” in addition to the title of “Mom” or not. We all find ourselves in places of overwhelming frustration from time to time, feeling very inadequate for the “job”. This feeling of inadequacy and fear of failure is only compounded when you run into other moms who seem so fully put together and “perfect” you can’t possibly measure up.
The secret to success is knowing that there are others out there, just like you, and they aren’t perfect either. These Confessions are to put into perspective the things we do from day to day, and to help other Stay At Home Moms see that no-body’s perfect, we just manage things differently.

My Thoughts – I downloaded this book as it was free for the day over on Amazon. I did think by the title and synopsis that this would be a memoir and it would be about a parent working full time and being a full time parent too. unfortunately this was not the case. It is a book about a full time working mum who goes into how to manage time and your life.


Now i am not a parent, yet!, and this just didnt seem like it was aimed at me at all. It was all based on to do lists and schedules. Now i do like these things, but to live your whole life by them? Now this is a bit too much even by my standards.


Maybe i would have enjoyed this more if i was a parent, trying to work and bring up children. But at the minute I’m not. Maybe it will be one for me to revisit in a few years time when it might be more relevant. I did carry on reading hoping it would go a bit more like a memoir, but unfortunately it didnt. This wasnt a book for me.


Rating – 2/5