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When 100 Books becomes 200 Books.

4 Jun

While having a bit of a search online, I have just found out that the BBC top 100 books is actually 200 books. So, naturally, I have just updated it here to show the full 200 books! I am such a reading challenge addict, I actually think it is getting slightly out of hand! I know that they are long term reading challenges, but at the same time, i would love to complete a few!

Memoirs of a Geisha – Arthur Golden

28 Dec

Synopsis – This story is a rare and utterly engaging experience. It tells the extraordinary story of a geisha -summoning up a quarter century from 1929 to the post-war years of Japan’s dramatic history, and opening a window into a half-hidden world of eroticism and enchantment, exploitation and degradation.

A young peasant girl is sold as servant and apprentice to a renowned geisha house. She tells her story many years later from the Waldorf Astoria in New York. Her memoirs conjure up the perfection and the ugliness of life behind rice-paper screens, where young girls learn the arts of geisha – dancing and singing, how to wind the kimono, how to walk and pour tea, and how to beguile the most land’s powerful men.

My thoughts – This book was one that my mum absolutly loved, and i brought this as part of a bundle of books. I’m quite ashamed to say that i would have probably have not read it if i hadnt. It is an absolutly fantastic book! Just the description of how geishas live and what they had to go through, was like it was on another world. I had to keep remembering that this sort of thing actually happened. I had reservations about the language and weather it would be difficult to get into, but i needent have worrried. It was so easy to get into i was reading for two hours without even noticing. I would highly recommend this book to anybody, an absoutly lovely read!

The Catcher in the Rye – J.D. Salinger

12 Nov

The Catcher in Rye is the ultimate novel for disaffected youth, but it’s relevant to all ages. The story is told by Holden Caulfield, a seventeen- year-old dropout who has just been kicked out of his fourth school. Throughout, Holden dissects the ‘phony’ aspects of society, and the ‘phonies’ themselves: the headmaster whose affability depends on the wealth of the parents, his roommate who scores with girls using sickly-sweet affection. Lazy in style, full of slang and swear words, it’s a novel whose interest and appeal comes from its observations rather than its plot intrigues (in conventional terms, there is hardly any plot at all). Salinger’s style creates an effect of conversation, it is as though Holden is speaking to you personally, as though you too have seen through the pretences of the American Dream and are growing up unable to see the point of living in, or contributing to, the society around you. Written with the clarity of a boy leaving childhood, it deals with society, love, loss, and expectations without ever falling into the clutch of a cliche.

My Thoughts – i picked up this book as part of the Rory Gilmore Challenge and i have to say i really was disapointed. I had heard alot about this book and as it is a ‘modern classic’ i would have thought i would have enjoyed it. Unfortunatly i didnt. Mostly i wanted to slap Holden Caulfield. I was really fed up with him saying ‘that nearly killed me’, it must be mentioned about fifty times in the book! It was well written and easy to understand however i just felt that the author was rambling about nothing! I wanted to know how he got ill at the end too. In the end im glad that i read it, however it is not a book that i would recommend to anyone if they asked about. Whether i will get shouted down for this review or not considering it is meant to be a classic, but i just didnt think it was very good!

Reading Challenges

3 Nov

I’m currently looking for some more reading challenges ir reading lists on the internet, i think its because i like lists 😛

I’m already taking part in the Rory Gilmore challenge which is the list of books that Rory Gilmore has read in the show Gilmore Girls.

I’m also reading all the books on the 100 books likst by the BBC. These books are meant to be the best books but not many people have apparently read.

I also looked into the 1001 childrens books to read before you grow up and 1001 books to read before you die, but i think the last challenge is a bit morbid :/

think im going to research more reading challenges today.