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The Forth Friend – Joy Ellis Book Review

14 Jan


Format – audiobook

Synopsis – Crimebusting duo DI Jackman and DS Evans are back, solving another crime that will make your skin crawl.

Police detective Carter McLean is the only survivor of a plane crash that kills his four best friends. He returns to work, but he is left full of guilt and terrible flashbacks. So for each of his four friends, he decides to complete something that they left unfinished.

Eighteen months before the crash, Suzanne Holland disappeared, leaving a room with traces of blood but no other leads. Suzanne was the wife of one of Carter’s four best friends. Adding to the pressure, the boss’ niece has a stalker. Due to the sensitivity of the Holland case, Carter is put on this investigation.

DS Marie Evans is the only person Carter can confide in. But even she begins to doubt whether he can really cope and whether he is actually losing his mind. DI Jackman and DS Evans of the Fenland police face a battle to untangle three mysteries, and can they really believe their friend and colleague Carter?

My Thoughts – I am loving this series of books set in the Lincolnshire Fens. This is the 3rd book in the series and I’m going to be sad when there is no more left to read!

This book is more about Marie Evans than Jackman as opposed to the first couple of books and it was good to have a bit of difference in the series. I did wonder for a while how the missing person plot and Carter McClean were going to tie in together and I was a little frustrated with it to start with. However I enjoyed how the two sub plots became one plot in the end. The ending was very sad too – I wished that there could have been a different outcome but I understand why it happened that way.

The next book is released on audible on 15th February and I’m very much looking forward to it!

Rating – 4/5


2019 Reading Challenges

12 Jan

This year I’m going to continue with the 3x long-term reading challenges I have on the go, Ultimate Book Guide, Ultimate Teen Book Guide and Ultimate Book Guide 2nd Edition.

Although I’m still working my way through the older challenge posts I will hopefully finish these soon. So at the beginning of the year this is where I am at with these challenges.

Ultimate Book Guide

  • Books Read – 34/672
  • Books TBR – 6
  • Books Wishlist – 25
  • Percentage Complete – 5.07%

Ultimate Teen Book Guide

  • Books Read – 37/691
  • Books TBR – 35
  • Books Wishlist – 43
  • Percentage Complete – 5.37%

Ultimate Teen Book Guide 2nd Edition

  • Books Read – 44/782
  • Books TBR – 19
  • Books Wishlist – 32
  • Percentage Complete – 5.63%

My goals in relation to this challenge are quite simple

  • Update lists and keep them updated
  • finish reading challenge wraps
  • Do the genre pages
  • Read 12 books from each challenge – roughly 1 a month


January 2019 Goals

10 Jan

These goals are pretty much the same since I didn’t achieve much goal wise in December. I’m really going to try to hit these hard this month!

Reading Goals

  • Listen to at least 3 audio books
  • Read at least 3 books
  • Update TBR on Blog
  • Update TBR book
  • Sort through books from Mums house

Blog Goals

  • Finish Reading Challenge Recaps (there is about 20 to write!)
  • Write up the genre pages in the reading challenges
  • Make blog more streamlined
  • Design Graphics for blog
  • Look into social media for blog – Pinintrest and twitter
  • Use Instagram more

Money Goals

  • Pay off at least £50 of CC1 (Remaining balance £132.60)
  • Stop using credit cards for silly purchases.
  • Contact Hughes ref iPad
  • Have 20 new listings on eBay

House Goals

  • Finish listing DS clothes on Ebay that are outgrown
  • Sort through DD clothes and list on Ebay that are outgrown
  • Organise playroom
  • Organise DS bedroom

Life Goals

  • Complete Unit 1 of accountancy
  • Book Exam for Unit 1

2019 Goals

9 Jan

This year I want to achieve lots! I am quite positive about sorting my life out this year and becoming a more chilled and happier person with it all.

By the end of 2019 I want to  . . . .

  • Read/listen to 52 books
  • Have TBR fully updated
  • Post 4 book reviews a month
  • Post on Instagram 2x a month
  • Read 12x Challenge Books
  • Complete A to z Challenge
  • Pay off CC1 – only £130 to go on this so achievable.
  • Pay off around £500 of CC2 – More would be a massive bonus.
  • No new debt.
  • Make outgoings more streamlined.
  • Complete accountancy course 1 and enrol on number 2
  • Achieve 1 task a day – no matter how small!

December 2018 Reading Wrap Up

8 Jan

christmas home house light

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

December was a pretty disastrous month for me reading wise – I hadn’t anticipated quite how busy I would be. What with all the Christmas preparation , working full-time, two small children and everything else I didn’t have much free time at all. Even over the Christmas period I didnt read much at all – I was far too busy building my Hogwarts Castle – but more about that in another post. I did listen to 4 audiobooks this month – however I didnt manage to read much physically at all!

The 4 audiobooks I did listen to this month are,

38)The Last of the First – Ian W Sainsbury. This was the final book in the trilogy that I have been listening too and it was really good. A very enjoyable read and I’ve got more of this authors books on my wishlist.

39)Strangeways: A Prison Officers Story – Neil Samworth. I enjoyed this memoir about being a prison officer a lot.

40) The Secret Child – Kerry Fisher – A really good thriller that I enjoyed a lot.

41) Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – J. K. Rowling. I really enjoyed listening to this again.

This brings my total for the year to 41/52. Ideally I would have liked to have reached my goal but with so many other life happenings this year I am really pleased with that.

Currently Reading.

In book form I’m still reading Does My Bum Look Big in this? by Arabella Weir for the Ultimate Teen Book Guide Challenge. I have to say I’m really not enjoying this book but I’m nearly through it now.

In audiobooks I’m currently listening to The Forth Friend Joy Ellis. This is the third book in the Jackman series and I’m really enjoying revisiting this series.

Books Brought – I don’t think I brought any books this month – I’m going to add my Christmas books onto my January haul as I’m so far behind on posts!

This year wasnt a too bad reading year – I really want to hit my target of books next year though!


November 2018 Reading Wrap Up

3 Dec

low angle photo of fireworks

Photo by rovenimages.com on Pexels.com

November has been a fairly good reading month for me. I’ve managed to read a fair bit and also got back into my audiobooks again fully.

I read 2 physical books and listened to 4 audiobooks. While I was hoping to read 3 books I don’t think this is too bad!

I read the following this month,

31) – The Murderers Son – Joy Ellis – I really enjoyed this 2nd in the series book. I can’t wait for this book to be realised later on this month.

32) – The Diary of a Bookseller – Shaun Bythell – I also enjoyed this memoir of running a bookshop.

33) Me Life Story – Scarlett Moffatt – Another good autobiography.

34) Eve of Man – Giovanna and Tom Fletcher – a great first in a trilogy young adult book.

35) Whisky from the Small Glass – Denzil Meyrick – Crime thriller set in the Scottish Hylands

36)Agatha Raisen and the Quiche of Death – M. C. Beaton – Another good mystery – first in a long series.

37) The Child – Fiona Barton – A thriller with a big twist!

I’m happy with the amount I read this month. I’m aiming for 42 books now by the end of the year so only another 5 to go!

Currently Reading

In book form I’m currently reading Does My Bum Look Big in this? by Arabella Weir. This is for my ultimate teen book guide challenges and while I’m not very far into it its reminding me of a Bridget Jones type book.

In audiobook form I’m listening to The Last of the First by Ian W Sainsbury – the final book in the halfheroes trilogy. this is a brilliant series and I’m quite sad its ending now!

Books Brought

I brought a lot of books again this month  28 in total! The first 17 are all by Jacqueline Wilson.

  • Dustbin Baby
  • Best Friends
  • Starring Tracy Beaker
  • The Story of Tracy Beaker
  • The Lottie Project
  • Secrets
  • Vicky Angel
  • Midnight
  • Clean Break
  • The Diamond Girls
  • Candyfloss
  • The Suitcase Kid
  • The Illustrated Mum
  • Cookie
  • The Worst Thing About My Sister
  • Queenie
  • Diamond
  • The Silent Corner – Dean Koontz
  • The Girl who Said no to Death – Dean Koontz
  • Close to Home – Cara Hun
  • The Seagull – Ann Cleeves
  • Give me the Child – Mel McGrath
  • The Angel – Katerina Diamond
  • After the Snow – Susannah Constantine
  • Elsewhere – Gabriella Zevin
  • The Mighty Crashman – Jerry Spinelli
  • Strangeways – Neil Samworth (A)
  • The Secret Child (A)

Other Posts

I also published the following posts;


Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death – M. C. Beaton Book Review

29 Nov


Series – Agatha Raisin #1

Format – Paperback book

Synopsis – High-flying public relations supremo Agatha Raisin has decided to take early retirement. She’s off to make a new life in a picture-perfect Cotswold village. To make friends, she enters the local quiche-making competition – and to make quite sure of first prize she secretly pays a visit to a London deli.

Alas, the competition judge succumbs after tasting her perfect Quiche, and Agatha is revealed as a cheat and potential poisoner. Definitely not the best start. So Agatha must turn amateur sleuth – she’s absolutely got to track down the real killer!

My Thoughts – I’ve been wanting to read this series for a while but I’ve never got around to buying any of the books. I recently brought the first 9 books (I think!) on eBay and I thought I would dive into them pretty much straight away.

Agatha Raisin is used to being a high-flying professional in London and once she retires to the countryside realises that it’s not as idyllic and as fun as what it is meant to be. She ends up falling foul of the locals and has to end up redeeming herself.

I thought this book was pretty fun – it’s quite short and the plot isn’t very deep but its got quite a fun plot. I didn’t really warm to Agatha in this book – I found her quite rude but I’m hoping as the series goes on that I will find her work likeable. It was quite funny in places though. I live in a small village and it was quite similar to living round here – everyone has to know everyone elses business.

I did enjoy this and am looking forward to starting the next book in the series soon.

Rating – 3/5