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The Chocolate Lovers Club – Carole Matthews

17 Jul

Started – 3/7/12

Finished – 6/7/12

Format – Paperback Book

Synopsis – THE CHOCOLATE LOVERS’ CLUB brings together four very different women with one thing in common: they can’t resist chocolate.  This is an irresistible novel for anyone who wishes they were a member!

Lucy Lombard can’t resist it – rich, creamy, sweet, delicious chocolate. For her there’s nothing it won’t cure – from heartache to a headache – and she’s not alone.  Sharing her passion are three other addicts: Autumn, Nadia and Chantal.  Together they form The Chocolate Lovers’ Club.  They meet in their sanctuary, Chocolate Heaven, as often as they can, and with a cheating boyfriend who promises he’ll change, a flirtatious boss, a gambling husband and a loveless marriage, there’s always plenty to discuss…

My Thoughts – I’ve had this book on my shelf for a couple of years and its only now that I’ve got around to reading it. This book is about Lucy, a temp stuck in a job that she doesnt really like, apart from her boss, crush, and has one major chocolate addiction. Along with her three chocolate loving friends Autumn, Nadia and Chantal they are The Chocolate Lovers Club.

All the girls have various life problems, Lucy has a boyfriend that just keeps on hurting her and she just cant let go of him, Autumn has a brother with lots of problems, mainly drugs, Nadia has a husband that is addicted to gambling and Chantal has a husband that just doesnt seem to love her anymore. These parts of the books were so funny and i would think that a lot of people could relate to these serious life issues.

I also liked how the different stories all kind of mingled into one and it keeped jumping between different characters to tell their part of the story. I liked this as it kept twisting and turning andit really kept my interest in the book.

Carole Matthews is one of my favourite authors ever, her books are always fun and flirty, but with a serious message behind them, which is exactly what this book is, fun flirty chick lit, perfect for a summer beach read.

I dont normally read chick lit sequels, but this has a follow up book and I’m definitaly going to get my hands on this book.

Rating – 4/5

The Difference A Day Makes – Carole Matthews

5 Jun

Started – 22/5/12

Finished – 5/6/12

Format – Paperback book

Synopsis – William and Amy Ashurst are typical townies, dedicated professionals at the top of their tree, with two adorable children and an au pair who cooks, cleans and cares for them all. Then one day Will collapses on his way into work and he decides he’s never going back.

So it is that, three months later, Amy is standing outside Helmshill Grange, a sullen monstrosity of a house, deep in the Yorkshire moors, with their own land as far as the eye can see. It’s what William says he’s always wanted, which is slightly worrying as he couldn’t be bothered to do his own gardening in Notting Hill, and would rather pick up a book than a spade. Within days, Will’s traded in their brand new Audi for a clapped out Land Rover, and brought home chickens, goats, sheep, a serial-killer cat and a mad dog. Then tragedy strikes and Amy learns that it’s one thing living the dream, but when the dream’s not your own, how long can it last?

My thoughts – I brought this book back in 2010 as i am a huge fan of Carole Matthews books as they are always fun but with a serious message behind them. Its nice to read a chick lit book with a bit more substance to it and not just all fluff to it.

The Difference A Day Makes is about Amy and Will, a happily married couple who both work at a british television company in London. They have two children who are looked after by a nanny as both parents are workaholics. During a normal tube ride to work Will has a health scare and is rushed into hospital. Due to the fact that all his family have died young from heart attacks and the simular, he wants to have a complete change of lifestyle and wants to move with his family out to the countryside and give up his stressful job.

Amy doesnt share his vision in this, but gives in and soon they move to the countryside and move into a desolate country home that needs lots of work doing on it to make it habitable. Not only does Will buy a new home, he buys chickens that cant lay eggs and are blind, three sheep that are a bit old, a goat, a cat and a very unmanagable dog.

Then the unthinkable happens Will dies suddenly from a heart attack. Amy is left alone to bring up two children with no husband, no job and living in a place that she doesnt want to be. When the handsome vet is introduced into things, a handyman that becomes more than that to the children, and the adjustment to villiage life it is definitaly a recipe for a good book.

To start with i didnt really get into this book. I struggled a little to connect with the story, it wasnt until Will died that i started to really get into the story of this book. Once WIll had passed away their was lots of different story lines going on like the vet, the children, the animals to get my attention.

I didnt always like Amy. I felt at times she was very selfish and only wanted to do what she wanted and not what was best for the family. However, towards the end i warmed to her. I really enjoyed this book and i read 3/4 of it in one night, i just had to know how it ended.

I was quite glad that this was a happily ever after book, most of the time i dont like that particular ending, but this time it really worked for the book.

I would recommend this book to fans of chick lit and to those readers that like books with a bit of a serious message to them.

Rating – 4/5

It’s a Kind of Magic – Carole Matthews

13 Jan

Started – 4/1/2012

Finished – 13/1/2012

Format – Paperback


Synopsis – When Emma’s boyfriend Leo turns up at her special birthday dinner unforgivably late and horribly drunk, embarrassing her in front of her family, she decides enough is enough. Why can’t someone just wave a magic wand over him and bring him back refurbished as a proper boyfriend and save her the trouble? But when Leo meets Isabel and starts changing before her very eyes, Emma realises she should be careful what she wishes for…


My Thoughts – Carole Matthews is fast becoming one of my favourite chick lit authors. Her books are always very good, funny and hook you in. This book was like that, however, the difference is this one actually has a great big dose of magic stuffed in the pages. This is actually my favourite book by this author i have read, so far.


This book centres on Emma and Leo, two people that are destined to be together, but just cannot see it themselves. Then you throw in the mysterious Isobel and it is a recipe for a disaster in some ways. There is an awful lot of two-ing and fro-ing between the two main characters and at times i just wanted to scream at them to get it together and stop being so silly! It was a brilliant read, the chick lit with the fantasy aspect thrown in was a brilliant twist and i really enjoyed reading this book.


I have several other books by this author on my TBR pile and i cant wait to get around to reading them, a brilliant book for any chick lit lover. A very easy read, something to escape into.


Rating – 4/5

The Sweetest Taboo – Carole Matthews

22 Nov

Synopsis – Falling in love isn’t easy. Sadie Nelson ought to know – she’s got two men to choose from and neither one is hassle-free. First there’s Gill McGann, a Hollywood producer who’s flown her from a grey day in London to sun-soaked LA in order to win her heart. He has more to offer Sadie than she could ever have imagined… Then there’s gorgeous actor Tavis Jones, whose sense of fun makes Sadie feel immediately at home. But can they ever be more than just good friends? The longer she leaves it, the harder it gets, and Sadie’s about to discover that in LA anything can happen…

My Thoughts – I have read other books by Carole Matthews and i was quite looking forward to this one, but i have to say i was a little disappointed by this book. The book focuses on Sadie, who goes chasing across to America after a man she has just met. However, things dont go as easily as she had hoped for. These include ex wives, new love intrests, fame, fortune, new friends and glamour.

I have to say, i just didnt find the plot all that believable. A woman goes across to America after a guy she met two days before and ends up with a place to stay and a job in the space of hours, despite not knowing anybody apart from said guy who flew here over to America. I also didnt like the twoing and froing of the relationship between the characters.

I did like the fact that it was told from different perspectives, and different opinions were brought in because of this. I did think some parts were funny too. I do normally like carole matthews style of writing, but i just dont think that this plot worked for me. I konw its chick lit, and its not meant to be thought prevoking or anything, but i was hoping for a little bit more!

I have several other Carole Matthews books on my shelf, so I’m hoping i enjoy those more than this book.

Rating – 2/5

WWW Wednesdays 5th Jan 2011

5 Jan

This is a meme held on Should Be Reading. I loved taking part in this last week so im going to do it every week! To play along answer the following Questions.




What are you currently reading?

Handle With Care – Jodi Picoult. This is my second Picoult book and im really enjoying it. It runs along the same vein as My sisters keeper. Once i pick it up i cant put it down. I’m not all that far into it at the moment but im hoping to get a good chunk of it read today and tomorrow.


What did you recently finish reading?

More to Life Than This – Carole Matthews. This was my first book that i completed in 2011. It was a lovely little chick lit book, nothing to challenging, a perfect read for over the festive period when you dont want to be too mentally challenged. I enjoyed the story too and thought it flowed really well. I have several Carole matthews books on my TBR pile and hope i enjoy them like i did this book.


What do you think you will read next?

31 Dream Street – Lisa Jewell. I got this book last year as part of a bundle. Ive not really heard much about this book but i think i will give it a go because you never know unless you try.




More to Life Than This – Carole Matthews

3 Jan

Synopsis – Kate Lewis is thirty-five and feeling restless. Her husband Jeffrey is keen on gardening and golf; her children are obsessed with well-balanced diets; and Kate’s main worry is when to do the ironing. There must be more to life than this!

Enrolling on a T’ai Chi course at Northwood Priory with her best friend Sonia – and arranging for an au pair to look after Jeffrey and the children while she’s away – Kate is off to find herself. But, as things turn out, finding herself isn’t easy to do, particularly when Ben Mahler is on her course…

My Thoughts – This book was a lovely little quick read. It’s ‘chick-lit’ so it wasnt a taxing read, but lovely for reading over the bank holiday when i didnt feel like doing much. The Story centres around Kate and Jeffery Lewis who seem to have everything but are both really quite unhappy. So Kate goes away for the week and all manner of things happen. I like how the narrative switched between four of the main characters. It flowed very easily and wasnt at all complicated to follow. I did find the ending a little odd. The fact that they seemed to live happily ever after.

This was the second Carole Matthews book that i have read and i enjoyed this one too. Will definitaly be looking out for more of her books in the future.

Rating – 3.5/5

A Minor Indiscretion – Carole Matthews

1 Dec

Synopsis – Happily married with three children, Ali Kingston can’t believe that a quick cappuccino in a Covent Garden café will turn her life upside down. But then it isn’t every day that a gorgeous street artist, fifteen years her junior, falls at her feet. When Ali’s husband, Ed, finds out that she’s spent time with another man, he’s sure there’s more to it than meets the eye.  And what started as a minor indiscretion soon turns into something major…

My thoughts – This is the first Carole Matthews book that i have read, having got a couple more on my book shelf. I really really enjoyed it. It is a chick lit story about Ali and Ed Kingston who seem to have a sort of mid life crisis who end up with different people and the impact on different people in their lives, the kids, the in laws etc. The relationship between the brother in law and the sister in law is also fantastic dynamic to the story. it is well written, with humor at certain places and also some serious points too. The ending is really thought provking, Ali is diagnosed with cancer
i loved this book and would highly recommended and i am deffinitly going to read more of her books.