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Cold April – Phyllis A. Humphrey

15 Dec

Started – 11/12/12

Finished 15/12/12

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – Fresh from three years in America, Englishwoman Elizabeth Shallcross has big plans for her future, and they do not include remaining in England as a lowly governess. She finds, however, that she has one last obligation to fulfill; she must accompany Richard Graham, a dashing American widower, and care for his charming child on a luxurious voyage to America. Their ship? The Titanic. On this fateful trip two handsome men vie for her attention. But when the ship hits an iceberg, who will survive?

My Thoughts – I downloaded this book as it was free for a day on amazon and as i am quite fascinated by the Titanic and all its happenings i thought that this woud be a good book to read.

Elizabeth, or Miss Beth is a governess who has recently returned from living and working in America for three years. She longs to go back and begin a career as a typist but before she can do this she is asked by her previous employers to be a governess for a friend of the family. She agrees, but only for the crossing between England and America and until someone else suitable can be found.

The man in question is Richard Graham, an American gentleman who sadly lost his wife a few years ago and left his daugher without a mother. Beth hits it off with him almost at once and the class barrier seems to fade away between them.

They board the ill fated Titanic and its here that the two characters really seem to start getting to know each other. I did like how some parts of the book were told from Richards point of view and it explained how he was feeling and i felt it added more depth to the book.

Beth also meets another man, Harry, who is a magican and an acrobat who entertains the children on the ship. Harry seems very smitten with Beth and although Beth doesnt really feel the same she sees him as a good friend.

I liked how the main facts of the actual event were put into the story. For example the fact that there werent enough lifeboats and this was a well known fact. As the Titanic was supposedly an unsinkable ship the makers didnt see the need for lifeboats to be made available.

Once the iceberg stuck i liked how many people didnt think the ship could sink so they werent too bothered about getting up on deck or getting into a lifeboat to start with. I liked how the story of Elizabeth and Richard was weaved around the iceburg.

I ended up shedding a tear at the end of the book as so many people lost there lives on this ship. It was an event that could have not maybe been avoided but if more lifeboats were on board more people could have been saved. I would be interested in reading more about the Titanic event itself now.

This is not a massive book, i read the majority of it in one sitting and it has a lot of information in it about the real life event. I did think that i woud have liked to read more about the characters after the actual event but that was just a personal thing. I did really enjoy this book though.

Rating – 4/5