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Four Play – Fiona Walker

26 Jan

Synopsis – Despite her broken heart, when Dilly Gently joins Magnus Olensen’s new band, the chemistry between them is explosive. Both impossibly romantic dizzy blondes with the souls of poets, they could be made for each other. But before they have chance to declare themselves, Dilly’s friend Nell confides that she has a huge crush on Magnus, and Dilly nobly steps down in order to play reluctant matchmaker. Nell returns the favour by setting her friend up with her dashing twin brother Flipper. But Flipper the bounder is not a good rebound for a true romantic. He hides a secret that could break Dilly’s heart all over again …

My thoughts – I found out this book was part of a series halway through the book which could explain why i found it so confusing, although apperently you can read the books in any order. I was put off to start with by the sheer amount of caracters introducted within the first few pages. \this put me off so much that i only kept reading under the promise of a secret being revealed. I’m glad i stuck with it in the end as i ended up quite enjoying it. It wasnt anything to spectacular but it was a nice read. I’m hoping my reading mojo comes back soon though 😦

Rating – 2.5/5


WWW Wednesdays (26th Jan 2011)

26 Jan

WWW Wednesdays is a weekly meme held over on Should Be Reading. To play along just answer the following questions 😀

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading Four Play by Fiona Walker. I’ve actually been reading this for a week, my reading mojo having gone a bit AWOL 😦 I’m enjoying this book a bit more now, to start with the amount of characters in it was overwhelming and i still cannot understand how some of them fit in with each other. Hopefully i will get this finished in the next couple of days.


What did you recently finish reading?

Only the one book in a week 😦 This was Isobel’s Wedding By Sheila O’Flanagan. I really did not like this book. For me the ending really really ruined it. It seemed to against everything Isobel wanted in the book and was justifying. Unfortunatly i think this book has contributed to my loss of mojo.



What do you think you will read next?

The next book I’m going to read is Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes. This is for the February reading Circle over on the Book Club Forum which ive wanted to take part in for a while and its also on some of my reading challenge lists.

Fiona Walker Books!

25 Jan

Lodes Cronicles

1 – Lots of Love (2003)

2 – Tounge in Cheek (2005)

3 – Four Play – (2006) this is what im currently reading

4 – Love Hunt – (2008)


1 – French Relations(1994)

2 – Kiss Chase (1995)

3 – Well Groomed (1996)

4 – Snap Happy (1998)

5 – Lucy Talk (2000)

6 – Between Males (2000)

7 – Kiss and Tell (2011)