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More Bad Luck :(

9 Oct

Well,  for the last few months i’ve been working in my friends buisness with her that she had just set up and me and her were going to run together. Unfortunatly, the buisness is just not paying so we have got to sell up 😦 To say i am gutted would be an understatement. Just after i was told i burst into tears and ended up sobbing on the shirt of a very lovely bloke :/ It is looking like i have another week, two weeks at most in the current job and then that will be it. My main concern at the moment is the money. i have two phone contracts to pay and now i am quite worried as to how i will. Where i live has a very high level of unemployment and it is extremely difficult to get another job.

However i have been looking on the positives a little

1) i will be able to start my ebay buisness again

2) i will have more time for reading

3) i will have more time for blogging

4) i will have more time to see people

if i could just find a little job it would be something.