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Waiting Waiting Waiting . . .

26 Oct

I hate waiting! I’m not a paitent person whatsoever. Firstly queues. I spend an awful long time queuing in the post office, as i do lots of ebay things. My local town post office is normally queued outside the door, normally with two members of staff on the counter, one on the ‘travel money’ which basically means that if you want that you get to skip the queue! totally unfair too! normally there are members of staff having a good natter about what they are doing that night too, or just hanging about. what i do now is go to the post office in the next village to the town, but its quicker to get the car out drive their and post the items their.

secondly slow drivers! i hate slow drivers especially when you get stuck behind one and cant get past. I’m no way a speed freak but i cant be doing with driving along 10 mph under the speed limit.

My current bug bear is waiting for things to be delivered when i order them online. I want my items now! Ihave been waiting two days, i want them now!!!!


moan over!