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Team Twilight

17 Oct

Ok, so I’ve finally done it. Ordered the first Twilight book. Yes i’m aware alot of people will yell at me for it, but i feel like I’m missing out by not reading it. I mean its not as though i need to read the other books is it? 😛 or watch the films? (well i think it might do)

However, everytime i buy a book it goes to the end of my TBR shelves, so i won’t get to read it for another 6 months or so, ish. Always do this otherwise i would never get through all my shelves.

so goodbye for now, from another one converted to twilight.


Team Twilight or Team Not

13 Oct

I’m currently debating with myself if i should read twilight or not. it was something i said i would never ever read, due to all the hype surrounding the books or films. or i can ever hear is ‘Team Edward’ or Team Jacob’, who is bella and why is she a big deal? but then on the other hand i feel i should read the books, because they are meant to be so good.  So i’ve been thinking if i should buy the books or not :/

Now I’m thinking i could always just read the first book, but what if i get hooked and decide what ‘Team’ im on?

What if i read the book and don’t like it much? I could never repeat that in public.

also don’t get me started on the films . . .