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Avery Nolan: Private Dick of the Dead – Tony Faville

24 Jun

Started: 15/6/13

Finished: 22/6/13

Format: Kindle e-book


Synopsis – In homage to the pulp fiction and hard boiled detective dime store novels of the 1950’s and 1960’s, Tony Faville brings us a new look on those stories of the past. It is 1959, in New York City, the Cold War is in full bloom, and the Red Scare is everywhere. Private Investigator Avery Nolan is hired by the daughter of a missing research scientist to find him. What he finds instead is the KGB, possible government coverup, and the undead ready to tear the United States apart from the inside.


My Thoughts – I downloaded this book when I first had my kindle as it sounded like the sort of book that I would like. A bit of mystery, suspense and the Cold War! What could go wrong?


This book is about Avery Nolan, a private investigator that is hired to try and find a scientist who has gone mossing by his daughter. Not only has her father gone missing but he was working on a massive project that could impact the United States. Also Avery is trying to win over a girl in the library with the amount of information that he knows.


Well It is actually a very short book, just at over 150 pages on the Kindle and for the amount of story crammed into it it felt like it could have had an awful lot more inside it. I thought that the overall plot was good however I didnt like the massive amounts of fighting and beating people up for the answers.


Also the ‘virus’ part. This kind of just went away on its own so it would have been nice to have this expanded on a lot more as I felt this part was left hanging a lot.


This book was ok. Its not a genre that I read all that much so that could be why I couldnt get into the book very well.


Rating – 2/5


In The Company of Ghosts – Stephen A. Hunt

18 Feb

Started – 12/2/13

Finished – 16/2/13

Format – Kindle e-book


Synopsis – Agatha Witchley used to be a spy in the Cold War, but now she’s locked up in the UK’s premier maximum-security mental institution. She believes that the ghosts of the celebrity dead visit her padded cell and whisper the world’s secrets in her ears. Which is a big problem for the British
government, because she’s the only one who can help them when an American billionaire is murdered in London in one of the strangest killings yet.

The Home Secretary needs the case locked down and solved before the entrepreneur’s death becomes public knowledge and economic chaos ensures.

The woman he has in mind for the job might be paranoid, she might be lethal, she might half-insane and drawing a pension, but it’s amazing how you can forgive that in a genius when it’s a genius’s help you need.

Yes, the security forces need Agatha Witchley again. It’s just the ghosts of Churchill, Elvis and
Groucho Marx they could do without.

My Thoughts – I downloaded this book when i first had my kindle as the synopsis sounded quite good. Spying, ghosts, cold war, famous peoples ghosts whats not to love?

This book is about Agatha Witchley, an elderly lady who can see the ghosts of famous people awho is recruited to try and help to solve the particually strange murder of a buisnessman. However, this is really all i can tell you about the book. It seemed to have two very different plot lines to it, the murder and that part and the ghost part. They didnt really seem to interact with each other at all and i couldnt really understand or follow what was going on.

This is the first book in a series of books and maybe this is why i didnt understand it much but i dont think ill be in a rush to read anymore i really did not enjoy this book at all.

Rating – 1/5


The Marlowe Conspiracy by M. G. Scarsbrook

27 Nov


Started – 13/11/12
Finished – 27/11/12
Format – Kindle e-book

Synopsis – 1593, Elizabethan England: In a turbulent time of wars, famine, and religious persecution, Christopher Marlowe struggles to balance his life as England’s most popular playwright with his duties as a government spy.

Suddenly, when he falls under suspicion of atheism, a capital crime, Marlowe fears his many powerful enemies have launched a conspiracy to have him executed.

With only a few days to clear his name, he quickly enlists the aid of a young William Shakespeare – one of the few friends he can still trust. Together, they race through Marlowe’s tangled life of crime, espionage, and noble connections to expose the conspiracy and save him from the hangman’s noose.

My thoughts – I downloaded this book on my kindle earlier in the year as I love Shakespeare and as he appears in this work of fiction I thought this would be a good book to read.

Although Shakespeare appears in this book it’s more about Christopher ‘Kit’ Marlowe and his life as a playwright and also as a spy for the Queen. I wasn’t overly familiar with him before I read this book but as I was reading it I was researching him and others in the book.

Sometimes I find it quite difficult to read about real people in fiction but this book was very well done and I really enjoyed it.

This book was very good and had many twists and turns in the plot. I did enjoy reading this book however as I was ill while reading this book it kind of put me off a little although this should be no reflection on the book itself.

I think many people will enjoy reading this book especially fans of the time period of Elizabeth I and those that are interested in reading about real life people in fiction.

Rating – 3.5/5

The Labyrinth of Osiris – Paul Sussman

16 Oct


Started – 8/10/12

Finished – 15/10/12

Format – Paperback Book


Synopsis – Since they last met, life has moved on for Yusuf Khalifa of the Luxor Police and Jerusalem detective Arieh Ben-Roe. About to become a father for the first time, Ben-Roi finds himself investigating a gruesome murder in Jerusalem’s Armenian Cathedral. The victim, a journalist named Rivka Kleinberg, had been researching an article into the Israeli sex-trafficking industry. When a link emerges between Kleinberg and an English engineer who disappeared from Luxor in 1931, Ben-Roi turns for help to his old friend and sparring partner Khalifa.


Khalifa’s life too has changed, although in his case not for the better. Preoccupied with personal tragedy and immersed in an investigation of his own – a series of mysterious well-poisonings in Egypt’s Eastern desert – he agrees for old time’s sake to do some digging for his Israeli colleague. In the process Ben-Roi might just be giving Khalifa his lust for life back.


Inexorably the two investigations entwine, drawing Ben-Roi and Khalifa into a sinister web of violence, abuse, corporate malpractice and anti-capitalist terrorism. And at the heart of the web lies the Labyrinth – a three-thousand year-old ancient Egyptian mystery that has already taken Rivka Kleinberg’s life – and hers will not be the last…


My Thoughts – I was sent this book from the Transworld publishers as part of a reading challenge. Although i dont really read a lot of thrillers, this is a genre that i would ideally like to read more of.


This book is about Yusuf Khalifa a police detective based around Eygpt and also Arieh Ben-Roe based in the Jerusalem police force. These two have been friends for a long time and as fate would have it end up working on the same murder case again.


To start with i did find this book a little confusing. It has about 15 different points of view and to start with i was struggling remembering who was who and following the storyline. I couldnt really figure out how they all tied in with each other. However, after about 150 pages in i really started to get into the story and it all started to come together.


This book is very full of twists and turns, i did try and figure out as i was going along who the suspect for the murder was and i kept changing my mind. I just couldnt figure it out and when it was revealed at the end of the book i just couldnt believe it and it all slotted into place a bit more.


The only downside that i could really find was this was book three in a series. Although it worked quite well as a stand alone book i would have liked to have read them in order but thats just one of my stange habits.


This was a good thriller i really enjoyed reading it and i would recommend it!


Rating – 4/5

Shades of Grey – Michael Cargill

30 May

Started – 23/5/12

Finished – 30/5/12

Format – Kindle e-book

Synopsis – John is not a very nice man. He works for the government. So who has tied him to a chair and what do they want?

James is a British soldier during WWII. Tom is a young boy with a terrible secret.

Three stories. Three very different people. All of them battling to survive.

My Thoughts – I won this book in a givaway from the lovely Becky at her blog a few weeks back. Now before i start I’m just going to state that this is not a book like the one that has a very simular name.

This book is a collection of three short stories, and as the synopsis above states, the main theme through the book is survival. I did think that it was war to start with, but the last story really didnt fit the theme.

The first book in the collection was Shades of Grey. This is about a man called Jack, who we find tied to a chair. His thoughts go from the present, being surrounded by people with sniper rifles, and going back to the past where he found his wife in bed with his neighbour. I liked how these two halfs of the story fitted together and it really worked for me.

The second book in the collection was There and Back Again, I just couldnt get The Hobbit referance out of my head all through this story! However in my opinion this was the best story out of the three. This is about James, a foot-soldier during the first world war in France in the trenches. In this he faces his first battle and kills a man for the first time. I liked the emotion behind it and how he still had time to write home to his mum and dad back in England.

The final book in the collection was Down the Rabbit Hole, the title for me reminded me of Alice in Wonderland a little bit. This book is about a little boy called Tom who has a toy rabbit called Borger. He gets abused by his father and is unhappy. Now the bunny starts to talk to him and gets him to do quite horrible things if I’m honest. I didnt like this story at all, I’m not a fan of horror books and for me this is exactly what it was. I am a little uncomfortable to read about a little boy doing all those horrible things.

Now the book as a whole. I enjoyed this book, but to be honest it isnt one of my favourites. I liked the first two stories, but the third for me really put me off. I also thought that it was very gorey in places, which for me at least does put me off a little.

I would recommend this book for people that like crime/thriller/horror books, but for me the last story didnt hook me in as the others did.

Rating – 3/5

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – Agatha Christie

8 Nov

Challenges – BCF November Reading Circle
1001 Books to Read
501 Must Read Books

Synopsis – Roger Ackroyd knew too much. He knew that the woman he loved had poisoned her brutal first husband. He suspected also that someone had been blackmailing her. Now, tragically, came the news that she had taken her own life with a drug overdose. But the evening post brought Roger one last fatal scrap of information. Unfortunately, before he could finish the letter, he was stabbed to death!

My Thoughts – I read this book as part of the November reading circle on the BCF. I was a little apprehensive to start with as my nan is a huge fan of Agatha Christie and i didnt know if it was my type of book. Well, this just goes to show how much you shouldnt judge a book before you read it. I enjoyed this book so much, Agatha Christie has now gone into my top author list!

The story centres on Dr Sheppard who discovers a murder has taken place, when it looks like the wrong person is going to get the blame, Poirot is asked to investigate the crime. I had heard of Poirot before, mainly due to the television series, so i had a bit of an idea of how to picture him.

The book had so many twists and turns to it. I couldnt keep up on who was the suspected murderer, and when i did have a guess, i got it totally and utterly wrong. I couldnt help but try to work out the clues in my head as i went along, but I’m not ashamed to say i got it wrong most of the time. I think this enhnaced my enjoyment of the book a lot more!

I was so shocked by the twist at the end. i actually had to read it several times just to make sure that i had read it correctly. i would say that it was the best twist that i have read in a book for a long time.

This was my first Agatha Christie book and i really want to read more of them. A brilliant book recommended for crime/thriller fans faithful and also to those new to it.

Rating – 5/5

The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

26 Apr


Washington DC: Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is summoned at the last minute to deliver an evening lecture in the Capitol Building. Within moments of his arrival, however, a disturbing object – gruesomely encoded with five symbols – is discovered at the epicentre of the Rotunda. It is, he recognises, an ancient invitation, meant to beckon its recipient towards a long-lost world of hidden esoteric wisdom.

When Langdon’s revered mentor, Peter Solomon – philanthropist and prominent mason – is brutally kidnapped, Langdon realizes that his only hope of saving his friend’s life is to accept this mysterious summons and follow wherever it leads him.

Langdon finds himself quickly swept behind the facade of America’s most historic city into the unseen chambers, temples and tunnels which exist there. All that was familiar is transformed into a shadowy, clandestine world of an artfully concealed past in which Masonic secrets and never-before-seen revelations seem to be leading him to a single impossible and inconceivable truth.

A brilliantly composed tapestry of veiled histories, arcane icons and enigmatic codes, The Lost Symbol is an intelligent, lightning-paced thriller that offers surprises at every turn. For, as Robert Langdon will discover, there is nothing more extraordinary or shocking than the secret which hides in plain sight…

My thoughts – to start with I was a bit weary about picking up this book, mainly because I had found Angels and Demons the same as The Da Vinci Code. While some of the themes in the books were the same, I found this book much more enjoyable. I found it very difficult to put down at times and would highly recommend it! I found the plot very interesting and also liked how the story changed perspective all the time, its a very fast paced book! A very enjoyable read, and anyone considering reading this do :D

Rating – 4/5