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What the Hell is he Thinking? Zoe Strimpel

27 Sep

Synopsis – What the HELL is He Thinking?

Having spent a good part of her post-pubescent life picking apart dating dilemmas with her girlfriends over cocktails, Zoe Strimpel decided it was time to do something once and for all about the mystery that is the male mind.

So, instead of moping about in the Mars/Venus divide, Zoe did something completely crazy: she talked to actual guys, getting them to explain the tales of confusion that she had gathered from her friends. And – would you believe – they had a lot of gems to offer. So while she had their attention, she also asked them the Eighty Questions You Most Want Men to Answer.

My Thoughts – I have held off writing this review for a couple of days as i actually didnt like this book at all, and didnt know how to put this across without sounding awful. This book attempts to put across an insight into what men are thinking. Now i personally think all men (and women) are different. So trying to put them all in the same catogory for me was a bit odd. I dont think all men are the same type or have the same thoughts. And really, if you would like to know what they are thinking surely it would be better to ask them? But hey, each to their own and if this kind of self help book helps people or reassures them in some way, then i am not one to take that away from them.
I read He’s Just Not That Into You earlier in the year and this was just far to simuluar for me. I think from now i shall stay away from this type of book as i just cannot get into them. This was free with a magazine so I’m not too worried about that, but sadly not a book for me.

Rating – 1/5