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January 2019 – Goal Wrap up

5 Feb

For me January actually went past quite quickly! I did actually manage to acheieve some of my goals too which is pretty good!

Reading Goals

Listen to at least 3 audio books – Done!
Read at least 3 books – Done!
Update TBR on Blog
Update TBR book – I’m about a third of the way through this!
Sort through books from Mums house – not yet started!

Blog Goals

Finish Reading Challenge Recaps (there is about 20 to write!) I did write another 10 or so when I had the time but still more to do!
Write up the genre pages in the reading challenges
Make blog more streamlined
Design Graphics for blog
Look into social media for blog – Pinintrest and twitter
Use Instagram more

Money Goals

Pay off at least £50 of CC1 (Remaining balance £132.60) I mananged to pay off £61.28. I really want to pay the rest off this month as I’m so close to getting one paid off!
Stop using credit cards for silly purchases. – Done!
Contact Hughes ref iPad
Have 20 new listings on eBay – I managed 1 😦

House Goals

Finish listing DS clothes on Ebay that are outgrown – Done!
Sort through DD clothes and list on Ebay that are outgrown – The Sorting is done – now the listing begins!
Organise playroom
Organise DS bedroom – Done!

Life Goals

Complete Unit 1 of accountancy – Done – I’m revising hard for the exam now
Book Exam for Unit 1


So actually some pretty good progress this month on my goals!

November 2018 Goals – Catch Up

4 Dec

For November I set myself some goals – I’m now going to go over these to see if I achieved them!

Reading Goals

  • Listen to at least 3 audio books Achieved! I managed 4!
  • Read at least 3 books I only managed two books however still pleased with this!
  • Unpack library – we have just moved and I’m itching to unpack my books. Done!
  • Sort through read books – decide what to keep and what to donate. Done!

Blog Goals

  • Finish Reading Challenge Recaps (there is about 20 to write!) I’ve still got another 10 or so to go!
  • Write up the genre pages in the reading challenges I’m not starting this until I’ve finished the recaps
  • Make blog more streamlined Still need to do this
  • Design Graphics for blog I’ve started this but need to work on it more
  • Look into social media for blog I’ve set up an Instagram but need to use it more!

Money Goals

  • Save £200 towards Christmas Achieved!
  • Pay off at least £50 of CC1 (Remaining balance £266.51) I managed £54.36 which I’m pleased with
  • Stop using credit cards for silly purchases I only used my credit card for a couple of work related things so these will be paid off this month!

House Goals

  • Finish listing DS clothes on Ebay that are outgrown Just a few left to do
  • Sort through DD clothes and list on Ebay that are outgrown Need to do this still
  • Organise playroom Need to continue this
  • Organise DS bedroom Nearly done on this
  • Organise DD bedroom Achieved!

Oh Baby!

4 Oct

baby s feet on brown wicker basket

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


I’ve been getting back into blogging – more specifically book blogging and reading challenges for the last few weeks but one main event has been in the background for some time.

My second child was due to be born on the 8th October. Well she decided that she wasnt going to wait that long and was born on the 26th September at 11.34pm weighing a good 8lb 2oz.

It was all a little bit dramatic and an emergency c-section was needed but thankfully everything was ok in the end. The best bit is her big brother absolutely adores her!

Welcome to the world Evie-May!

4 years later . . . .

12 Jun

background book stack books close up

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

It’s been a very very long time since I’ve blogged. Nearly 4 years! So much has changed in my life and it was during a recent camping trip with my OH and son that we were discussing blogging. I’d never hidden the blog from him intentionally but I’ve also never really mentioned that I had one. We were reading other peoples travel and camping blogs and discussing having our own when I mentioned that I used to blog about books and my life. He wanted to know why I didnt do it anymore – well I guess the answer was . . . well I didnt know! Which is what has brought me back here as I really used to enjoy it as a place to talk about books and read others thoughts too.

I’ve still been reading a lot over the last few years but with a lot of time constraints all I’ve really been mananging is adding stars to reviews on goodreads so I’m hoping that I can really start to enjoy this again.

We are also looking at starting our own blog in regards to travel and camping with the kids as that also looks fun! We have really been bitten by the camping blog and I’d love to start recording thoughts with hubby on that!

Currently we have our own engineering business (more on that at another time!). Six months ago we moved away from our family and friends – only an hour away but its amazing how many people you loose contact with when you move and who actually stays around – they are your true friends! We also have a nearly 4 year old boy (in October!) and we are also expecting our second baby – a little girl this time – also in October! On top of that I’m studying for an accountancy qualification from home so I dont have masses of free time but I’ve not lost my passion for reading!

I’m really looking forward to blogging again and learning all in the community that has changed. I’ve got so many new ideas too of posts and everything else and I cant wait to get started!

30 Days of Truth – Day 30

6 Jan

A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself

i love my hair

i love my eyes

i love my determination

i love my family

i love my friends

30 Days of Truth – Day 29

5 Jan

Day 29 → Something you hope to change about yourself. And why.

That I dismiss things without giving them a go. This year i want to give things a go that before i dismiss them. I never know, i might like them!

30 Days of Truth – Day 28

4 Jan

What if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant, what would you do?

thats easy. Have the baby.