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X Factor – The Final 2010 Part 2

13 Dec

Well. time for my thoughts on the Sunday show. Firstly, Take That must have had loads rolling in in royalties, having appeared also on the Strictly show.

One Direction – gutted doesnt even spring to mind about the boys! you could see it in there faces, bless them! i still think that they will be signed up, and maybe do better, like JLS, but i was just so upset for them! In my opinion, it was ruined by the fact they a) did to many ballads, all three songs were ballads in fact, and b) the fact the Robbie  ruined it for them.

Rebecca – She was just so happy to come second in the competition. She is still not my cup of tea but i can understand as to why she is so popular. i think she will get a recording contract too, after the tour.

Matt – Well who would have thought at the begining of the show that he would win! in the last few weeks,  it has been quite obvious that he would but not in the begining.  I do think that he is a deserving winner having worked really hard for this most of his life. I just hope he is not another one hit wonder. i loved his winners song though.

so thats it for my weekly round up of the x factor for this year, now what am i going to write about? Roll on January and Dancing on Ice!

X Factor – the Final 2010

11 Dec

Well its the final night, well the saturday show anyway.

Matt – He seemed to be feeling the pressure during his first song and at the begining of his duet with Rihanna. However, once she had started singing i thought that it was brilliant, the two of them together was genius, especially when they were singing together.

Rebecca – her first song was good as always, but i feel that she also felt the pressure during her second song. I mean who  wouldn’t singing with christina? however, i just think she is really quite fantastic.

One Direction – Many that know me will know my obsession with one direction, however tonight it would have been better if they had sang a more upbeat song. And dont get me started on Robbie Williams, i really really really cant stand him! I still want them to win though!

Cher – her first performance was a bit samey, but her second is by far my favourite ever x factor performance. putting her and will.i.am together was pure genius and she could be a superstar in a group like that!

It was a shame that cher had to go, but i thought she was so dignified when she was voted out and she could really use the programme to project her into a record deal.

I’m not sure who will win now, id really be quite happy with any of them really because they all have different reasons for deserving the title of x factor champion.

The X Factor – Semi Final Night

6 Dec

I know this is a couple of days late but ive not been well and this is the first time that ive been able to look at my laptop screen.

Matt Cardle – Bless him, he looked so poorly on saturday night, i know that he has been all week but he just looked ill. his first song was lovely and i really liked his second, although the judges didnt

Rebecca – her first song was brilliant, almost like it was written for her. she looked like she was having loads of fun with it. her second song, amazing grace, made me cry! it was so beautiful and she is so humble and doesnt know how fabulous she is!

Mary – again she was good, sometimes when she sings she can be a little bit samey, but this week she was good again. she didnt deserve to go home, but then again somebody had to go, it just happened to be her.

Cher – hmmmmm, i was a huge huge huge fan but now i seem to have gone off her a little because of her attitude sometimes. however, i did think that she performed really well on her second song. (could her first really be counted as a club hit?)

one direction – i still really really really love them! there first song was fantastic and their second gave me chills! chasing cars is fantastic and i really really loved it so much that ive been listening to it all weekend!

i cant wait for the final now!

X Factor – the last eight

20 Nov

Time for my weekly round up of all things X Factor 😀

Cher Lloyd – i thought she did amazing 😀 i thought her song being stripped down and no rapping was a lovely change. i love it when she does rapping and it all street but its also nice to hear her sing. i didnt think simon needed to bring up about the stairs, does it really matter if she was sat on some steps?

Rebecca Ferguson – i liked her performae again, i like how her confidence is growing and growing too, she is growing on me a bit more now.

Wagner – go away, go away, go away! You cannot sing, you are taking the places of people who have dreams of winning and i just think he should go, he has outstayed his welcome.

One Direction – Again fantastic! they put a modern twist on a classic song. Dannii was wrong they were all singing in the right times, i just want them to win!

Katie – does anyone think that katie watched Emma Watson on the Harry Potter premier this week? her hair is awful! it just seems that she is trying to change every week to seem fresh. i like that she sang her heart out but she is just not good enough for me.

Mary – she was back on her game tonight, i wonder if it is because the song was one that she was more famular with, but i thought she was fantastic again.

Matt – i loved his performance again and he looked amazing in the white vest! it was nice to hear him sing  something a bit more up tempo and to prove that he can sing other songs, not just ballads.

Paije – i’ve not been much of a paije fan in the past but i have to say that i am turned around tonight, that song was fantastic and i really really loved it. it suited him down to the ground and was happy that he seems to have really nailed a song.

I’m hoping that Wagner goes tomorrow but i  have a feeling it could be Mary or paije.

X Factor the final 9

16 Nov

I am posting this a bit late but i thought i would post my thoughts on the shocker that was the x factor this weekend.

Cher Lloyd – i thought her performance was beautiful at the weekend. she looked stunning, i loved the song choice. some people are saying that she is becoming samey but i still think she is one of my favourites.

Aiden Grimshaw – i loved his performance this week! i was really begining to get him and to like him. it was such a shame that he got voted off, maybe the public thought he was safe and didnt bother to vote.

Rebecca Ferguson – i only saw her perfomance on the highlights show as i had turned the tv over to watch the festival of remembrance. i thought she sang that song fantastically.

Wagner – totally ruined a song that has huge emotional reasons for me. i cannot stand him and think its really unfair that brilliant singers and performers are being voted off to keep him on. IT IS A SINGING CONTEST!!!!!!!

One Direction – i am in love with them! they are the perfect boyband. there performace was amazing again this week.

Katie – am fed up with her now, she should leave. she is being saved by the judges every week when its clarly not what the public want. and as for her american recording contract . . .

Mary – another song with huge emotional value for me. i thought she sang it so amazingly, but im not sure if she will be in the competition for much longer.

Matt Cardle – I love him! he has really grown on me and every song he sings is magical.

Paije – i have to say im still indifferent about him, im not really bothered either way if he stays or goes.